17 aug 2020 - maip vep

A year ago, I was finishing up my last week in NYC as a MAIP 2019 fellow. Needless to say, things are looking a bit different this time around. Funnily enough, I happen to be in the city again — just not under the circumstances I expected.

This summer I was supposed to be absorbing the Florida sun into my skin every day working for a Tampa agency. Instead, most days I sit by my window hoping to catch a glimpse of the afternoon sun as I sit in zoom meetings adjusting to life’s new normals.

But as they say — when life closes a door, somewhere it opens a window. Thank you MAIP 2020 for being the necessary community, resource, and distraction I needed this summer.

I’m particularly grateful for the final phase of MAIP VEP where we worked on our summer projects in teams. This is a dedication to Team 5 aka “Sugar and Spice” who quickly became my virtual family over a course of three weeks. Countless long nights working with a couple virtual happy hours thrown in and you’ve got yourself the world’s best MAIP VEP Summer Project Team. I’m proud of how we worked together (time zone’s and all!) and the work that we produced. In fact, we were even chosen as finalists for one of our pitches. No one really does it like Sugar and Spice.

Be sure to check out some of the work we did together (here and here) before you leave!