part-time strategist.
full-time plant mom.


who i am.

I'm the type of friend that asks you the hard-to-hear questions you aren't always prepared to answer. Admittedly, in the middle of watching a movie or at 8am over breakfast isn't the best time to get deep, but I seize every opportunity to go beneath the surface. If there's one thing life has taught me, it's to invest my love and energy into the relationships and passions that serve me as much as I serve them.

My greatest asset is my capacity to feel and live deeply. It's what fuels me to use my voice as a tool for justice and as an impetus for change. That's why strategy has always made sense to me. I value the opportunity to look at life from different perspectives and adding my own to the greater narrative.

When I'm not busy badgering my friends with questions you can find me tending to my plants, watching Terrace House, or making potato curry.

what i do.

strategy. activism. graphic design. illustration. leadership.